Agni Parthene – Ἁγνὴ Παρθένε

by Greek Byzantine Chant

“Having God, fear nothing, but cast all of your care upon Him, and He will take care of you. Believe undoubtingly, and God will help you according to His mercy”

~St. Barsanuphius the Great

About Me

By the grace of God, I am an Orthodox Christian monk (GOH). 48 years old living in the modest monastery of St. Theodore the Studite in Greece, spending my life in daily prayers, repentance, services, physical work, and obedience.

God has given us various jobs that we do in the monastery. For example, one father is engaged in icon painting. We maintain a small vineyard from which we make wine (in small quantities, mostly for our needs). We have a small garden where various vegetables grow and a few olive trees. In addition, we do all the work around the maintenance of the monastery.

As one of the younger monks, I do mostly all the work, from cooking to working in the vineyard, gardening, picking olives, mowing the grass, working in the cemetery, and more.

The monastery is dedicated to Saint Theodore the Studite. We celebrate our patron saint on November 24.

Monastic services are held daily, Matins with the Divine Liturgy, Vespers, and Compline.

About Prayer

Scripture, Divine Tradition and the Holy Fathers have given us great volumes of works devoted to prayer. Whether we are in Church, at home, at work, traveling, or at leisure, prayer constitutes our most intimate union with God. It is inconceivable even to imagine oneself as being an Orthodox Christian with out prayer; in fact, the more one “lives and breathes” Orthodoxy, the more one’s soul and body strive toward prayer, and the more one strives to develop perpetual, heartfelt communion with God every moment of one’s life. To walk with God’s presence felt continually in one’s heart is to walk with un ceasing prayer. Christ Himself is our ex ample Who not only prayed corporally (Matt. 14:23; 26:36; Luke 6:12; John 17), but perpetually “beheld” within, God the Father (John 10:38).

”Prayer is the place of refuge for every worry, a foundation for cheerfulness, a source of constant happiness, a protection against sadness.”

Saint John Chrysostom

Prayer request

Ask, and you shall receive!

“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed” (James 5:16).
Prayer is one of the most powerful ways to connect with God. We should strive to make prayer a part of our daily routine and to continually turn our hearts to God through Jesus’ prayer.

In my personal prayer, I will pray for you and the people you care about, living and departed.

May God bless our common prayer for one another.

*Prayers are free and from the heart!

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Prayer rope

Color: Gold and Silver.

Length: ~21-22 cm

The thickness of knots: ~7–8 mm

Length for children: ~14–16 cm, 20–22 knots (i have only a few of them)

Made of synthetic cord and acrylic beads.

The colors may look slightly different due to the lighting when the picture was taken.

Please keep away from water and moisture! Don’t shower with it, don’t wash dishes with it…!

Shipping will be 2-5 € depending on where you live, buying more prayer ropes means slightly expensive shipping.

6 €+shipping

Handmade icons

Jesus Christ Monastic Studio Mobile

“Icon of Jesus Christ Pantocrator”

40 x 30 cm

Handmade Byzantine style icons made on wood by one of the monks from our monastery



Jesus Christ

“the Holy Handkerchief”

0.001 ETH


Monastic Studio Etsy

Orthodox digital prayer book, orthodox Prayer list (for the living and for the departed), Orthodox fasting with the planner, and more…

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Although we labor every day of the year, we have taken vows of monastic poverty and no longer have worldly jobs. This is why your donations are welcome, for we have dedicated our lives to Christ our God, and we supplicate Him on behalf of your salvation and the salvation of the whole world.

“A Rich Man is not one who has much…but one who gives much. For what he gives away remains his forever”. Saint John Chrysostom

Thank you and may our Lord and God Jesus Christ bless you and your beloved!

*Donations are voluntary, not obligatory!

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